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Chinese mining enterprises to consider investment Greenland targeting iron, zinc and rare earth

According to media reports, Greenland is brewing a large iron ore mining plan, while thus employed workers, the local population may be a sudden increase of 4%. It is reported

Rare earth comprehensive utilization of Ganzhou version

        China is the world's largest rare earth resources in the country, is also the world's largest exporter of rare earth. The peak supply mor

Chinese exports of rare earth resources in Japan

       Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported on November 2 that the Japanese government has reached an agreement with Kazakhstan, from January

Global rare earth mining in China pricing wanes

In 2011, by virtue of a supply of monopoly advantage, the introduction of intensive industrial policy coordination, within half a year, most of China's rare earth raw material pric

Guangdong in hand the central enterprises want to build the state-level rare earth Enterprises Group

After listing debut in February of this year, after six months of planning and operations, the rare earth industry in Guangdong Province, the Group 22 played a key card to enter

China Rare Earth challenges: the world's largest mine life of less than 20 years

According to data released by the U.S. Geological Survey in January 2010, China Baotou mine (the bastnaesite with monazite mixed mine) the Sichuan of mine (Bastnaesite) and Sout

Korea Mineral Resources Corporation Baotou Yongxin Rare Earth Company acquired shares of Chinese

According to the "Daily" reported on September 18, South Korea Mineral Resources Corporation on the 18th, said the decision to acquire Yongxin Rare Earth Co., Ltd., Baoto

China may still exercise restraint to limit the export of rare earth and other economic sanctions against Japan

The government purchase Diaoyu Islands this farce upgrade is further damage to Sino-Japanese trade.Rare earth exporters told reporters on September 18, the Diaoyu Islands, the st

Yongzhou safe production in January-August the number of accidents decreased

This year, Yongzhou tightly around the goals and tasks of the Safety Year ", focusing on innovative accident prevention system," fighting rule violations "concentrat

Japanese imports of Chinese rare earth secretly hidden in the bottom of the sea

About 83% of Japan's rare earth from China. A large number of rare earth enough to use the resources of the 20-year storage in the seabed....

Supplier of heavy rare earth resources Minmetals Rare Earth set foot on the IPO trip

The central enterprises Minmetals "campaign" rare earth field for many years after the end of the initial results. Minmetals Rare Earth (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter

The full crushing development "rare earth" resource mining phosphate rock potential market

Phosphate rock resources is an important chemical mineral raw materials, it can draw the phosphate fertilizer can also be used to produce yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid, pho

National reserves of rare earth matters has been brewing for years

September 4, the State Material Reserve the internal An official told this reporter, rare earth Shouchu work has been ready for some time, and specific work under the reserve ma

National Land Agency: Liancheng County crackdown illegal mining of rare earth behavior

Since last year, a total of nine cases for investigation Detention 18 online pursuit transferred to prosecutors the prosecution from 8 a few days ago, I Liancheng County Joint Stri

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